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I'm living proof that you never know what will happen next year, next month or tomorrow, since I would never have imagined moving to England, marrying a Brit, and being an evil stepmother (ok, the evil part I could have predicted). I love it.

In short:

~ Work with online retailers on marketing and branding projects

~ Represented selected American stationery designers to leading UK retailers

~ Launched Unfold UK, the latest word in creative stationery from the States to the UK

~ Founded Soleberry, an online retailer of great stationery, greeting cards, journals and other paper goods

~ Joined Real Simple magazine right after it launched and watched it turn into the raging success it is today

~ Before that, worked at Prentice Hall Business Publishing as an acquisitions editor for Marketing textbooks

~ Managed to graduate from Boston College with a BS and Wharton with an MBA


online retail sites, anything media (magazines, tv, movies), really great stationery and paper, sarcasm in all forms, celebrity gossip (I'm not too proud to admit it), learning cockney rhyming slang, discovering England, Jimmy, figuring out the finer points of html, Eddie Izzard!!, Trinny & Susannah, frank, peter, anna & will, just to name a few.